How to get from Massey to Toronto by car, truck, walk, bike

Distance between Massey and Toronto is 355 kilometers (220 miles).
Driving distance from Massey to Toronto is 472 kilometers (293 miles)

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4 Ways from Massey (Canada/Ontario) to Toronto (Canada/Ontario)

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Route instructions

1. Continue onto Imperial Street North 20 m
2. Turn left onto Highway 17, 17 94.04 km
3. Keep right 528 m
4. Keep right 333 m
5. Continue onto Highway 69, 69 364.88 km
6. Turn left onto Eglinton Avenue West 668 m
7. Turn right onto Keele Street 932 m
8. Turn left onto Rogers Road 1.35 km
9. Turn left onto St. Clair Avenue West 5.16 km
10. Turn right onto Avenue Road 2.60 km
11. Keep left 140 m
12. Turn sharp left onto Wellesley Street West 476 m
13. Turn right onto Bay Street 1.23 km
14. Turn right 132 m
15. Arrive at destination 0 m
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