How to get from Clermont-Ferrand to Lyon by bus, car, rideshare, truck, walk, bike

Distance between Clermont-Ferrand and Lyon is 136 kilometers (84 miles).
Driving distance from Clermont-Ferrand to Lyon is 164 kilometers (102 miles)

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6 Ways from Clermont-Ferrand (France/Auvergne) to Lyon (France/Rhone-Alpes)

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Route instructions

1. Continue onto Rue Lamartine 86 m
2. Turn right onto Rue Sainte-Madeleine 210 m
3. Turn right onto Rue Gabriel Péri 293 m
4. Keep right onto Rue Pierre Besset 284 m
5. Continue onto Rue du Pont Naturel 45 m
6. Turn left onto Rue des Portes d'Argent 146 m
7. Turn right onto Rue du Clos Notre-Dame, D 69 631 m
8. At roundabout, take exit 3 onto Boulevard Maurice Pourchon, D 69 1.30 km
9. At roundabout, take exit 2 onto Boulevard Daniel Mayer, D 69 2.19 km
10. Turn right 70 m
11. Turn right onto Boulevard Edgar Quinet, D 69 86.68 km
12. Keep right onto La Transeuropéenne, A 89 59.29 km
13. Keep left 11.91 km
14. Keep right 167 m
15. Turn sharp right onto Quai Fulchiron 62 m
16. Make a U-turn onto Quai Fulchiron 40 m
17. Keep right 35 m
18. Turn slight right onto Pont Kitchener-Marchand 227 m
19. Turn left 53 m
20. Keep right 85 m
21. Continue onto Place Gensoul 23 m
22. Continue onto Rue Vaubecour 487 m
23. Continue onto Place Antoine Vollon 19 m
24. Continue onto Rue du Plat 216 m
25. Turn right onto Rue Antoine de Saint-Exupéry 57 m
26. Turn left onto Place Bellecour 10 m
27. Keep right onto Accès Parking Bellecour 240 m
28. Arrive at destination 0 m
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Information about Stations

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