How to get from Colmar to Lyon by rideshare, car, walk, bike, truck

Distance between Colmar and Lyon is 321 kilometers (199 miles).
Driving distance from Colmar to Lyon is 418 kilometers (259 miles)

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5 Ways from Colmar (France/Alsace) to Lyon (France/Rhone-Alpes)

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Route instructions

1. Continue 72 m
2. Turn slight right onto Place de la Cathédrale 111 m
3. Turn right onto Grand'Rue 104 m
4. Turn left onto Place du Marché aux Fruits 134 m
5. Turn right onto Rue des Vignerons 71 m
6. Turn left onto Rue des Écoles 106 m
7. Turn right onto Rue Wickram 113 m
8. Turn left onto Rue de Turenne 45 m
9. Turn slight left onto Route de Bâle 1.24 km
10. At roundabout, take exit 1 onto Route de Bâle, D 201 1.89 km
11. Keep left 29.11 km
12. Keep left 383.83 km
13. Keep right 167 m
14. Turn sharp right onto Quai Fulchiron 62 m
15. Make a U-turn onto Quai Fulchiron 40 m
16. Keep right 35 m
17. Turn slight right onto Pont Kitchener-Marchand 227 m
18. Turn left 53 m
19. Keep right 85 m
20. Continue onto Place Gensoul 23 m
21. Continue onto Rue Vaubecour 487 m
22. Continue onto Place Antoine Vollon 19 m
23. Continue onto Rue du Plat 216 m
24. Turn right onto Rue Antoine de Saint-Exupéry 57 m
25. Turn left onto Place Bellecour 10 m
26. Keep right onto Accès Parking Bellecour 240 m
27. Arrive at destination 0 m
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Information about Stations

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