How to get from Kirkcaldy to Manchester by car, truck, walk, bike

Distance between Kirkcaldy and Manchester is 298 kilometers (185 miles).
Driving distance from Kirkcaldy to Manchester is 384 kilometers (238 miles)

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Route Map

4 Ways from Kirkcaldy (United Kingdom/Fife) to Manchester (United Kingdom/Salford)

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Route instructions

1. Continue onto Hill Street 93 m
2. Turn left onto Kirk Wynd 188 m
3. Turn left onto Townsend Place 267 m
4. Continue onto Abbotshall Road, B925 261 m
5. Turn sharp right onto Whyte Melville Road 243 m
6. At roundabout, take exit 2 onto Oriel Road, A910 2.77 km
7. Turn left onto Torbain Road 5.52 km
8. At roundabout, take exit 1 6.85 km
9. Keep right onto M90 1.76 km
10. Keep right onto M90 13.21 km
11. Keep right onto M90 3.64 km
12. Keep left onto M90 1.13 km
13. Keep left onto M9 1.12 km
14. Keep right onto M9 127 m
15. At roundabout, take exit 3 onto Old Liston Road, B7030 323 m
16. Turn left onto Cliftonhall Road, B7030 4.78 km
17. Turn left onto Orchardfield Terrace, A71 572 m
18. Turn right onto Linburn Road 1.28 km
19. Turn right 1.36 km
20. Turn left onto B7031 2.43 km
21. Turn right onto A70 24.04 km
22. Turn slight right onto Main Street, A70 303 m
23. Turn left onto Biggar Road, B7016 4.49 km
24. Turn right onto Libberton Moor Road 3.13 km
25. Turn right onto Shieldhill Road 286 m
26. Continue onto Shieldhill Road 2.09 km
27. Turn right 325 m
28. Turn left onto Boat Road 610 m
29. Keep left onto Boat Road 82 m
30. Turn slight left onto Sherifflats Road 698 m
31. Turn left onto A73 1.18 km
32. Continue onto A73 11.68 km
33. At roundabout, take exit 2 onto A702 1.74 km
34. At roundabout, take exit 2 onto A74(M) 141.62 km
35. Keep left onto M6 95.60 km
36. Keep left onto M61 33.61 km
37. Keep right onto M60 4.70 km
38. Keep left onto M60 194 m
39. Keep left onto M602 6.44 km
40. Continue onto Regent Road, A57 1.26 km
41. Turn left onto Ordsall Lane, B5461 1.08 km
42. Turn right onto Chapel Street, A6 161 m
43. Turn right onto New Bailey Street, A34 789 m
44. Turn left onto Cross Street 17 m
45. Turn right onto Bow Lane 71 m
46. Turn sharp right onto Clarence Street 37 m
47. Turn right onto Princess Street, A34 18 m
48. Arrive at destination 0 m
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Information about Stations

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