How to get from Phoenix to Pasco by car, truck, walk, bike

Distance between Phoenix and Pasco is 1541 kilometers (955 miles).
Driving distance from Phoenix to Pasco is 2070 kilometers (1283 miles)

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4 Ways from Phoenix (United States/Arizona) to Pasco (United States/Washington)

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Route instructions

1. Continue onto West Washington Street 780 m
2. Turn right onto North 7th Avenue 355 m
3. Continue onto North 7th Avenue 1.03 km
4. Keep left 42 m
5. Keep left 1.50 km
6. Keep right 327 m
7. Keep right 223.90 km
8. Keep right 9.25 km
9. Keep right 429 m
10. Turn sharp left onto Country Club Drive, US 180, I 40 BUS 839 m
11. Turn right onto US 89 75.08 km
12. At roundabout, take exit 2 onto US 89 130.79 km
13. Keep right onto US 89 123 m
14. Turn slight right onto Highway South, US 89 118.95 km
15. Turn right onto South 100 East, US 89 108.60 km
16. Turn right onto North Main Street, US 89 16.21 km
17. Turn left onto UT 20 32.76 km
18. Turn right 369.67 km
19. Keep left onto I 15 88.98 km
20. Keep left onto I 84 828.54 km
21. Keep right 48.95 km
22. Keep right onto Lewis and Clark Trail Highway, US 395 10.04 km
23. Keep left 3.59 km
24. Arrive at destination 0 m
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Information about Stations

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