How to get from Mumbai to Nagpur by car, plane, truck, walk, bike

Distance between Mumbai and Nagpur is 688 kilometers (427 miles).
Driving distance from Mumbai to Nagpur is 795 kilometers (493 miles)

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Information about Stations

All station in Mumbai (India/Maharashtra)
Chembur Mumbai StationWadala Depot Mumbai StationChembur Mumbai StationBharat Petroleum Mumbai StationVNP & RC MargChunabhatti Mumbai StationKurla Mumbai StationFertilizer Township Mumbai StationGovandi Mumbai Station
All station in Nagpur (India/Maharashtra)
Nagpur Junction Nagpur StationAjni Nagpur StationItwari Junction Nagpur StationZero Mile Nagpur StationAjni Square Nagpur StationChhatrapati Square Nagpur StationRahate Colony Nagpur StationCongress Nagar Nagpur StationJhasi Rani Square Nagpur