How to get from Serian to Sarikei by car, truck, bike, walk

Distance between Serian and Sarikei is 150 kilometers (93 miles).
Driving distance from Serian to Sarikei is 290 kilometers (180 miles)

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4 Ways from Serian (Malaysia/Sarawak) to Sarikei (Malaysia/Sarawak)

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Route instructions

1. Continue 45 m
2. Turn right 142 m
3. Turn right onto Jalan Serian Bypass 569 m
4. At roundabout, take exit 2 onto Jalan Sri Aman-Serian, 1-17A 18.63 km
5. Keep left 988 m
6. Keep right 625 m
7. Continue onto Jalan Sri Aman-Serian, 1-19 100.97 km
8. Turn right onto Jalan Sri Aman-Sarikei, 1-26 160.18 km
9. Continue onto Jalan Repok, Q8 8.01 km
10. Turn right onto Jalan Bersatu 89 m
11. Turn right onto Jalan Nenas 27 m
12. Turn left onto Jalan Nenas 33 m
13. Arrive at destination 0 m
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