How to get from Phoenix to Roanoke by car, truck, bike, walk

Distance between Phoenix and Roanoke is 1381 kilometers (856 miles).
Driving distance from Phoenix to Roanoke is 1694 kilometers (1050 miles)

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4 Ways from Phoenix (United States/Arizona) to Roanoke (United States/Texas)

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Route instructions

1. Continue onto West Washington Street 86 m
2. Turn left onto South 1st Avenue 123 m
3. Turn left onto West Jefferson Street 619 m
4. Keep right onto East Jefferson Street 2.77 km
5. Keep right 134 m
6. Keep left 10.22 km
7. Keep left onto Maricopa Freeway, I 10 593.31 km
8. Keep left onto US 70 72.17 km
9. Keep right 3.52 km
10. Keep left onto Border West Expressway, Loop 375 33.37 km
11. Keep right 653 m
12. Keep right 245.77 km
13. Keep left onto I 20 676.28 km
14. Keep left onto West Freeway, I 30 9.59 km
15. Keep right 21.64 km
16. Keep right 351 m
17. Keep left 2.18 km
18. Keep left 10.91 km
19. Keep right 606 m
20. Keep right 7.65 km
21. Keep left onto Main Street, US 377 2.25 km
22. Turn right onto Houston Street 116 m
23. Turn left onto North Oak Street 113 m
24. Turn right onto Byron Nelson Boulevard, TX 114-K Business 9 m
25. Arrive at destination 0 m
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Information about Stations

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All station in Roanoke (United States/Texas)
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